Top 3 Reasons Why Kids Love a Sport

top 3 reasons why kids love a sport

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According to a study by Professor Amanda Visek of the Department of Exercise Science at George Washington University in 2014, “The No. 1 reason kids play sports is because it’s fun.” however by the age of 13, 70% of kids who venture into sports eventually lose interest.

Most of us will think of fun as one thing, but in this study involving both younger and older athletes, fun in sports has many dimensions with the following having the most impact – being a good sport, trying hard, and positive coaching.

being a good sport

1. Being a Good Sport

Winning and losing is an inevitable part of every game and losing is hard for most kids because it makes them feel that their hard work is unrewarded making them eventually drop out.

Good sports play because they love the game. To them, playing sports is to simply enjoy carrying out their skills and spending time with the team. Being a good sport makes kids understand that winning is not always the end goal. It teaches them to accept loss gracefully, and focus more on just having fun!

Good sportsmanship is all about respect. Respect for teammates, coaches, referees and everyone else involved. Kids usually learn sportsmanship, good and bad, from the adults in their lives. If parents and coaches radiate a sense of respect not just in sports but in all aspects of life, kids will likely act the same way on the field.

kid trying his best in sports

2. It Pushes Them to Try Their Best

Participating in sports is always a challenge, not necessarily against an opponent but it’s more of a challenge against oneself. From training to the actual match, extra effort towards a better performance on the court or field is always commended. Whether these efforts succeed or fail, kids are motivated by either the achievement or the failure urging them to do even more.

At ProActiv Sports, we understand that having a sense of challenge drives kids to pursue a sport, therefore we designed all our sports programmes to be progressive. Starting from beginner to performance level, our programmes give children the necessary challenge to try their best keeping them engaged and happy.

positive coaching

3. Positive Coaching

Coaches play a huge part in helping a child fall in love with a sport. Administering positive coaching means showing appreciation for every effort, providing constructive corrections, radiating a positive attitude which creates a safe environment for kids to learn and excel and not be afraid to make mistakes and of course, make learning fun.

At ProActiv Sports, we provide more than just sports coaching. With a team of coaches who are passionate about sports and dedicated to teaching kids, we are able to build an overall positive learning experience, establish strong connections and ignite kids’ passion in sports.

If you are looking to have your child participate in sports, encourage them to continue playing, or to help them train for the school team then our Sports Programmes are perfect for you! Learn more by clicking here.

George Washington University (2015). The Fun Integration Theory: Towards Sustaining Children and Adolescents Sport Participation by Amanda Visek

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