Why Kids Should Be Encouraged to Play Multi-Sports

Why Kids Should Be Encouraged to Play with Multi-Sports

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According to a consensus statement by the International Olympic Committee, “Children who participate in a variety of sports and specialise only after reaching the age of puberty, for example, tend to be more consistent performers, have fewer injuries and adhere to sports play longer than those who specialise early.”

Sports play a key role in the physical and mental development of children, however pushing a child too early to specialize and focus in one sport may lead to burnout, injury, and eventual dropout. While it’s great to see your child succeed in one sport, it is important to keep their activities in balance.

Participation in multiple sports enables children to build a solid foundation of movement skills and makes them more likely to participate in fitness activities as an adult. Aside from these, here are some very good reasons why kids should be encouraged to play multi-sports.

Ask any successful athlete about the key to their success and they’re likely to mention discipline. Indeed, discipline is an essential foundation for any sport and it is also a key aspect to succeed in other areas of life, especially your career. It helps to achieve a certain mindset towards achieving great things.


Repetitive movements can overstress growing bodies which later on can lead to injuries. With Multi- Sports, each sport works the body slightly differently. This will lead to fewer overuse injuries. According to various researches, playing multi-sports leads to better muscle, motor, and skill development. Even more, it promotes balance, speed, and agility.


Kids who over-specialize in one sport may end up losing interest and eventually quit. Specializing in a sport raises expectations and may pose too much pressure on young kids. Having a variety of experiences will keep children interested, motivated, and be able to enjoy sports without any pressure.


Being a goalkeeper in a football team is a completely different experience than being a point guard in basketball. Being exposed to baseball develops better hand-eye coordination. Soccer develops better footwork. Volleyball develops jumping and hand-eye coordination. Martial arts develop strength, mobility, and discipline. Swimming develops full-body coordination and strength. The list goes on and on!

Participation in multiple sports broadens a child’s developmental, social, and situational experience. It opens opportunities to become a better competitor and a promising all-around athlete – flexible and dynamic.



Many sports superstars like Steph Curry, Golden State Warriors NBA team, 5 time NBA champion, achieved their standing today by dabbling into multiple sports. He played basketball, but he also played some baseball, football, soccer, and basically everything else in a sports buffet. What worked for Curry, experts say, could work for everyone.

Aside from developing a wide range of sports skills, more importantly, multi-sports provides opportunities for children to discover their passion. With the help of the right coaches, sports become fun, sparking kids’ interests. 

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