The Multi-Sport Advantage

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Here at ProActiv Sports we often get asked the question “Which sports programme would you recommend for my child?,” and our answer to parents with young children (18 months to 6 years) is always “Multi-Sports”. Encouraging your child to take part in a Multi-Sport programme can help your child’s development by:

The Multi-Sport Advantage

Building a solid foundation

By providing diverse opportunities for physical activity, children get the chance to learn many movement skills, which can be transferred to a variety of sports. This makes it more likely that they will remain active in their teens and adult life and also take part in different sports.

The Multi-Sport Advantage

Reaping the physical benefits

Through playing different sports, kids develop flexibility, core stability, strength, stamina, power, and speed, as well as improving their all-around physical conditioning.

The Multi-Sport Advantage

Preventing injury

When a child sticks with one sport from an early age, the possibility of injury increases as repetitive movements can strain their body and affect the development of muscles. Give your kids a variety in their sports experience and play, to help develop their whole body and lessen the chance of pains and strains.

The Multi-Sport Advantage

Avoid boredom

When children specialize in a specific sport at too early an age, they will often get bored of this activity by their early teen years. However, if you allow them to experience a variety of different sports and activities, they are much more likely to continue with that sport for life.

The Multi-Sport Advantage

 Developing sport and life skills

Children will develop important skills like problem-solving, communication, teamwork, and working independently, which are all highly valued attributes in sport and life. It also helps build competence, confidence, connection, creativity, and builds character.

The Multi-Sport Advantage

Finding movements and activities they enjoy most

This will help to promote their intrinsic motivation to continue with the sport/s they choose to specialize in and develop a lifelong love of the sport.

The Multi-Sports Advantage

So why choose our Multi-Sport Programme?

Our Multi-Sport Programme covers 5 core sports: Soccer, Basketball, Rugby, Athletics, and Baseball. Your child will learn the fundamental skills of each sport combined with coordination and balance during all classes.

At ProActiv Sports we know it is important to develop these fundamental skills at a young age and it will have a positive impact on your child’s physical and athletic development.

Worried your child will miss out if they don’t specialize in one sport at an early age?

The legendary Swimmer; Michael Phelps, who won the most Olympic medals of all time, is also known to be an excellent golfer. Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky played baseball, lacrosse, and tennis as a child. Jordan Speith grew up playing Soccer, Basketball, Football, and Baseball, he is now one of the top golfers in the world. All of these world-class athletes didn’t specialize in one particular sport early on and went on to have great sporting careers.

Still unsure? No worries! Join us for a free trial.

Learn more about our Multi-Sports Programme here. 

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