The Importance Of Our Mini Tennis System For Kids

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At ProActiv Sports, we use the L.T.A Mini Tennis System in our kids’ program to ensure children develop their skills to the maximum, and progress through each level at their own pace. The L.T.A mini tennis system is split into 4 parts. Tots, Mini Red, Mini Orange, and Mini Green.

This is a renowned tennis program and is proven to work all over the world. Your child will benefit from a professional, structured and fun program.

The tennis balls are specifically designed with less compression than a normal tennis ball you would see the pro’s playing with on the professional circuit. This is to ensure the ball bounces at the correct height for children to swing the racket at waist height and make a good connection with the ball. The balls decrease in size from Red to Orange and Green.

The tennis court size is reduced, this is to ensure the children are able to run around the court and recover in a realistic position. Also, this enables children to have consistent rallies with a higher chance of success which will ignite confidence, self-belief and a passion for the game.

The final important factor is the racket size, rackets range from 19 inches – 27 inches for kids. As your child develops, the racket they use will increase in size. These rackets are designed in accordance with each child’s height and ability, they are also lighter than an adult’s racket. This enables children to swing through the ball maintaining the racket head speed, affording them the opportunity to develop more progressive skills, such as topspin, slice and a variety of other advanced shots.

As you can see, this Mini Tennis System will give your child the opportunity to play the beautiful game, progress through the levels and with hard work, determination and commitment they can develop to a competitive level, with the aim of being able to play matches and tie breaks against their peers. We offer programs all across Singapore. Check out our website to find your nearest location or if you have a tennis court at your condo, then we can come to you! We make it very easy to start your child’s tennis career with us!

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Written By:

Shyam Vithlani

ProActiv Sports Singapore – Head Of Tennis

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