The Benefits Of Playing Tennis From A Young Age

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Tennis is a worldwide sport and we have seen many sporting greats in recent times, most notably, Roger Federer. In order to get to this high level, children have to be extremely dedicated and committed to the sport and they would need great support from their family. Not everyone can reach these heights, however, by being committed and dedicated to something you are passionate about, you will learn and develop many skills that will ensure you are successful in more than just tennis!!


Below we have outlined a number of benefits that your child will get from playing the beautiful game!

Health and fitness– Tennis increases your aerobic and anaerobic fitness levels and is a great workout for young and old.

Long-Term sport / Family orientated – Tennis is a game that can be played with the whole family, learning to play together, families can enjoy the sport well into adult life.

Mental strength – Being an individual sport, tennis is one sport that mental strength can make or break a player, we have seen outburst from John McEnroe – to more recently, Serena Williams in the major tournaments, however the mental strength children can learn from competing against each other is invaluable an will benefit children in aspects of their life.

Performance rituals/ routines before serving or returning – which help control your rhythm of play and help you to deal with pressure. These skills can transfer into taking exams, conducting a meeting or making an important sales presentation.

Problem-solving and critical thinking: – Tennis is a high-speed game, based on angles and positioning, children will learn to think on their feet and to be proactive.

Mistake management – By learning to play within your abilities and realizing that managing and minimizing mistakes in tennis or life is critical to future success.

Sportsmanship –tennis is a competitive sport and your coach will teach you to compete in a fair and honorable manner, which is crucial to instilling core values in children from a young age.

Coordination and motor skills –  Like in most sports, children will develop their movement, balance, and footwork, however, tennis is great for developing your fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Role Models – It is very important for children to have a role model in their life because it inspires them to achieve and to become better on and off the court.


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