Brainard was born and raised in the philippines. He Joined the swimming club at the age of 13 and started to compete representing both our school and city swimming team from 2002 until 2009. While in the team, he was an instructor for both beginners and advance. After he graduated, he worked as a data […]


Born and raised in Scotland a former professional footballer player and fully qualified swimming instructor. Coach Sean has over 7 years of coaching experience and has previously coached in Singapore, Qatar and is now residing in Hong Kong. . He is a fully qualified Swimming instructor through Austswim and qualified football coach with Liverpool F.C. QUALIFICATIONS: EXAMPLES […]


Coach Hesham has been coaching gymnastics for 8 years, to children of all ages from 5 to 12 years old. He studied in the Faculty of Physical Education and his speclalization was in artsitc gymnastics training, after his studies he attended competitions in his role as a coach. Qualifications – Bachelor of physical education– Worked […]


Coach Monica has been professionally coaching RG for at most 2 years in both basic and competitive track, ranging from playgroup to senior gymnasts; while having 4 years of assistant coaching experience during her college years. She is a licensed professional teacher in Physical Education, a licensed FIG Brevet Judge in both Rhythmic Gymnastics Individual […]


Coach Emma has been coaching gymnastics for 6 years so far, to children of all ages from as young as 15 months. Emma used to be a gymnast herself competing in two piece floor and vault competitions. She trained in a small club up in the Highlands of Scotland then moved to the capital to […]


Hong Kong born Coach Caitlin has been teaching gymnastics to children and young adults since 2013. She first started learning gymnastics at the age of 4, competing in competitions around Hong Kong until moving to India at the age of 10. In India Caitlin represented both her school and the State of Haryana in gymnastics, […]