Swim To Become Smarter

Swim To Become Smarter

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A study undertaken by Griffith University in Australia which involved 7,000 young kids from all over the world proved that children who participated in swimming lessons during these early years achieved a wide range of skills earlier than children who did not.

More than a major factor in physical health, exercise brings about an endless list of benefits for one’s mental development, especially for growing children. Enough physical activity is vital to keep children’s minds sharp and agile.

Swimming is a great workout because it requires you to move the whole body against the water. It keeps the heart rate up without posing stress to joints and muscles. Physical benefits aside, swimming is an amazing exercise that can help children reap positive benefits for their mental development. 

Here are three ways how swimming remarkably contributes to children’s mental development

Enhances brain development

Swimming stimulates young children’s senses. It boosts levels of brain substance that is necessary for cell growth. Studies also show that fit kids have a greater brain volume associated with memory which greatly improves their ability for long-term retention.

Improves Social Skills

Kids who over-specialize in one sport may end up losing interest and eventually quit. Specializing in a sport raises expectations and may pose too much pressure on young kids. Having a variety of experiences will keep children interested, motivated, and be able to enjoy sports without any pressure.

Swimming can be a huge confidence-booster!

Overcoming fear of being in the water can be extremely empowering for children. Learning to swim and eventually establishing confidence gives them a sense of reassurance which makes them believe in themselves and their abilities. This newfound confidence can extend to their social interactions, and push them to have a positive outlook in life in general.

Promotes a stress-free lifestyle

Promotes a stress-free lifestyle

Swimming is a great stress reliever. It clears the mind and provides a routine towards a balanced lifestyle. Scientifically speaking swimming increases endorphins which boosts the mood. Children who swim will have a better disposition and lead a stress-free lifestyle. 

Swimming provides endless benefits to children’s overall well-being, more than being an essential life-skill. 

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