Steps to Follow to Help your Child Hit their Targets

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Throwing is a core skill that is seen in many sports such as baseball, basketball, cricket, and countless others, hence, teaching kids how to throw is a crucial step in sports.

Today’s blog will be focused on Overarm Throwing. It is a skill that can be used across a wide range of sports and games so it is important that children know how to do it properly, it comes in very handy for distance and precision throwing.

 Step 1. Stand side-on with throwing hand close to your ear.

Step 2. Point non-throwing hand to the target with eyes focused on target.

Step 3. In one motion, throw the ball from your ear towards the target, releasing the ball before your arm is fully extended.

Why not set out targets on the floor and have children throw balled-up socks at them as a practice?

Another way to improve kid’s throwing and also other sports skills is to participate and be active in sports regularly.
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