Sprinting For The Body And Mind

Hongkong | ProActiv Sports | Sprinting For The Body And Mind
sprinting makes me faster

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A new study carried out by Nottingham Trent University suggests that not only does Sprint training help us increase our physical speed but also our mental speed. The study carried out replicated typical playground games by getting 12-year-olds to sprint for a 10 second period followed by a 50 second period of walking and repeated this. They were then asked to perform brain function and concentration levels. The results determined that although accurate in their answers the speed in which they answered was quicker suggesting that by performing the high intensity exercise their cognitive processing speed and concentration improves. They determined that the benefits of the exercise lasted around an hour.

Dr. Cooper who carried out the study said “Our findings are of great importance to schools, demonstrating the importance of physical education in the curriculum. They support the inclusion of high-intensity sprint-based exercise for adolescent pupils during the school day.”


Hongkong | ProActiv Sports | Sprinting For The Body And Mind

This research can be hugely beneficial to schools and parents as by correctly timing sports classes, P.E lessons or exercise routines it can help the child in their academic activity. By performing the high-intensity activity as the majority of children perform in playground games or most sports it shows a clear benefit of sport and academia working closer together. If you have an important class or upcoming test, scheduling a class for just before it would appear to be hugely beneficial in allowing them to perform better.

At Sport4Kids all our multi-sport classes involve high-intensity games. Get in touch with us to book a free trial now! We also run a dedicated Athletics schedule incorporating sprinting in the same manner this study was carried out in.

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