Coach Monica has been professionally coaching RG for at most 2 years in both basic and competitive track, ranging from playgroup to senior gymnasts; while having 4 years of assistant coaching experience during her college years. She is a licensed professional teacher in Physical Education, a licensed FIG Brevet Judge in both Rhythmic Gymnastics Individual and Rhythmic Gymnastics Group (XIV Cycle) in 2018 and has recently obtained her FIG license in Rhythmic Gymnastics Coaching (Level 1) in 2019. Her career as a gymnast started in grade school, reaping various medals in regional to national level competition and participating in international competitions through high school and college. 


– Bachelor of Physical Education Major in School Physical Education

– Licensed Professional Teacher 

– FIG Brevet (XIV Cycle) Judge in Rhythmic Gymnastics – Individual

– FIG Brevet (XIV Cycle) Judge in Rhythmic Gymnastics – Group

– FIG license in Rhythmic Gymnastics – Level 1

– World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Certificate – Coach True course

– World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Certificate – Information Security Awareness for Everyone course

– Athlete-First Aider Training Program Certificate- Community Level Disaster Preparedness Training Program

Examples of Excellence

– Started dancing at age 7

– Began competitive training at age 8

– Represented the Philippines in international competitions in high school

– Reaped gold medals in regional competition from Rhythmic Gymnastics Individual

– Reaped silver and bronze medals in national competition from Rhythmic Gymnastics Individual