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What to Expect

Our Nippers program is about surf lifesaving, with a focus on having fun, teaching surf education, and skills, and emphasizing community awareness. The aim is to provide a safe, friendly, and welcoming environment where both Nippers and parents can interact and enjoy a morning at the beach, and where hopefully in years to come we build a community of water safety and awareness.

This program also provides training and competition for children who wish to join. We encourage all parents to participate with us whether it is on the beach helping organize activities, in the water assisting with Water Safety, or helping with post-class briefing & dismissal!

Hongkong | ProActiv Sports|Nippers

Program Levels

In each class, kids will be grouped by age. Each group will be assigned to a dedicated coach. We will conduct skill assessments at the start and end of the term for each child to provide the parents with feedback on their progress.

6 - 13 yrs old

Nippers focuses on surf lifesaving, teaching surf education, skills, and emphasizing community awareness while having fun. The aim is to provide a safe, friendly, and welcoming environment for both Nippers and parents to interact while enjoying a morning at the beach.

Hongkong | ProActiv Sports|Nippers

Age Groups

Repulse Bay Beach


Clearwater Bay Beach


Hongkong | ProActiv Sports|Nippers


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Hongkong | ProActiv Sports|Nippers

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