Madagascar Camp

Move it, move it! Your favourite Safari animals are coming to Prodigy this summer with fun activities, sports, dance and so much more! Don’t miss out on an exciting expedition to the Singapore Zoo to meet real-life King Julian, Melman, Alex and friends.

Spidey & Amazing Friends Camp

Based on our friendly neighborhood Spidey and his friends, this camp will help kids unleash extraordinary skills by playing a variety of sports, a whole lot of climbing, and a special trip to the Coastal Playgrove.

Wilderness Explorer Camp

Explore the great outdoors in this 5-day camp! Apart from sports, little rangers will learn survival skills in the wild as they explore East Coast Park and take an exciting trip to a water park.

Pokemon Camp

Power up your XP by learning new sports and improving your skills, hatch and catch Pokémons, collect rare cards from every challenge and so much more! Enjoy a variety of Pokemon-themed games and activities.

Super Mario Camp

Level up your summer with a camp based on your favourite mustached marvel and his friends! Enjoy activities based on your favourite characters in the Mushroom Kingdom, conquer challenges and make new friends!