Is your Child not Hydrated Enough? Smart Ideas to Drink More Water Daily

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Tips to get your Child to Drink More Water!

It can be difficult to get your children to drink water, however, drinking water is important, even more so if they are active.
Our bodies lose water through sweating, digestion, and even breathing.
Here are a few ways you can follow to get your kids to drink water to stay hydrated and energized.


Kids like it when things are fun and colourful, consider replacing ice cubes with frozen fruit in water, top it up with an interesting straw (shapes, loops, moustache etc.), or simply infuse your water with flavour by adding fruits such as lemon, lime, citrus slices, berries etc. Here’s a short video on how you can do it!

Doing so makes it exciting and new for kids, when their interest is being piqued, it makes it easier to get them to drink water.


Set up a reward system for when your child drinks more water or finishes their bottle of water. Give your child a reward sticker, allow them to have a piece of their favourite sweets, let them have some play time with electronics, add a dollar to their piggy bank, etc.

Setting up a reward system pushes your child to work for what they want, and with that, they will drink more water/finish their recommended serving of water.


Kids look up to and follow their parents’/adults’ habits and lifestyles. The more your child sees you doing something, the more likely that they will do the same. Parents should set an example and regularly carry out healthy habits, therefore, a tip to get your kids to drink more water is to be a role model yourself and drink water frequently when you are around them, this is a subtle way to encourage them to mimic you and start to drink water habitually.


Buy your child their own special drinking cup or water bottle, on top of that, ensure that they are easy for kids to hold and drink.

Having their own bottle or cup gives them a sense of ownership and exercises their independence. Once they have that sense of ownership, make it clear to them that the cup and bottle are to be strictly used for water, doing so will ensure they drink more water.


If water is the only drink in sight, your kid will be more likely to request it. Choose water when eating out, make sure a cup of water is within reach during meal times, and have a bottle when they are on-the-go. Encourage and teach them how to use the water dispenser or water jug to fill their cup or bottle, make sure they are at a height that is easily accessible for the little ones to self-serve.


Naturally, when one moves about a lot and loses water through sweat etc., they tend to crave for liquid to replenish what’s lost. Therefore, by making your child move and keeping them active, it will make them want to drink water to recharge.

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Remember to praise your child whenever they drink water, this gives them the motivation to drink more!

Do you have other ways to encourage your child to drink more water? Share your ideas in the comments below!


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