Mini Tennis

Weekly Sports Classes For Kids Aged 3 - 8 Years old

Mini Tennis

Weekly Sports Classes For Kids Aged 3 - 8 Years old

What your child will learn?

Our Mini Tennis program is designed to introduce children to the fundamental skills of the game. We will teach them the correct technique for all the different shots; forehand, backhand, volley, how to serve and smash!

They will also develop their coordination and motor skills that are transferable to all sports. Drills include zig zags, ladder movements, jumping, lateral movements, core strength, flexibility and much more.

Our equipment are designed for younger children. They will play on small courts with short rackets and softballs.  

They will also have the opportunity to practice their new skills on our interactive MULTIBALL wall. Kids love this!

Your child will be grouped according to their age to ensure maximum progression. 

Give your child the head start they need to progress to the big court!


Children will be grouped according to their age and each group will have a dedicated coach to ensure all children progress at the same level.

3 – 5 years old

Your child will learn how to perform the basic shots and develop their fundamental movement skills

5.5 – 8 years old

Children will develop their shot technique, movement skills and learn how to play a tennis match!


Term Dates: July 11th - August 29th

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