Successful career by playing sports from a young age

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Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg was a fencer, Walmart’s Doug McMillon was a basketballer and General Electric’s Jeffrey Immelt was a footballer; When you think about it, it’s not really all that shocking that 95% of Fortune 500 CEOs played sports. Many of the characteristics developed through sports—communication, teamwork, decision-making skills—are exactly what constitutes a great leader in the workplace.

Team sports require players to strategize, organize themselves and reflect on how their play went. Kids learn how to interact not only with people the same age as them but with a larger range of individuals such as kids that are younger or older and superiors like coaches. The ability to express one’s true thoughts and feelings clearly and effectively without hurting or offending others is of utmost importance in any life setting, let alone business.

Just like in business, there is no one team sport that can be won single-handedly. Many times, what’s best for the group means having to give up your own individuality. Sports teaches kids the importance of teams and how working together enables the achievement of a collective goal. More impressively, kids learn how to maximize their results using what they have. For example, capitalizing on the different skillsets of individuals in order to form a stronger collective.

Decision Making Skills
Playing sports calls for adept decision making. Not only do players have to make decisions in an extremely short amount of time, these decisions are made under immense pressure—knowing that any one slip in judgement might cost their team the entire game. Through playing sports, kids are taught to keep a cool-head even amidst high-pressure situations. This leads to better decision making in high-risk scenarios. Through playing sports, kids are taught to keep a cool head and think rationally even amidst high-pressure situations.

Hard Work
No matter how naturally inclined a child is towards a sport, it still requires hard work and dedication in order to be good. Through playing sports, kids learn about the direct correlation between hard work and the achievement of their goals. This knowledge, belief, and first-hand experience that hard work pays equips kids with the right mindset in order to do well.

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