multi-sports at your condo

Weekly Sports Classes For Kids aged 2 - 7 years old

multi-sports at your condo

Weekly Sports Classes For Kids aged 2 - 7 years old

What to Expect

We run our Multi-Sports programs at many condos and parks all over Singapore. It’s an excellent sports program for your child to start their sporting career and try a variety of different sports and learn different skills with a big emphasis on fundamental movement skills.

If you are interested in having our programs at your condo and have suitable facilities to cater for this, please fill in the form and we will do the rest.

We can run a trial class at your location if we have at least 5 kids interested and ready to go!


In each class, kids will be grouped by age. Each group will be assigned to a dedicated coach. We will conduct skill assessments at the start and end of the term for each child to provide the parents with feedback on their progress.

2 – 3 years old

This is a class where parent/guardian involvement is required. Children will learn the basic fundamentals of sports; throwing, catching, bouncing, and kicking. They will discover how the body moves; learning to run forwards, backward, and sideways.

3 – 5 years old

At this age children are ready to focus on more advanced skill development, such as throwing and catching with one hand, different throwing styles, kicking from the hand, bouncing, dribbling, etc.

6 – 8 years old

The focus for this age group is still to develop individual skills but also to get children working in small groups and learning how to work in a team. We cover a variety of sports including cricket, soccer, basketball, rugby, baseball, athletics​​​​​​​.


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Find out more about our professional team of coaches who will ensure your child has the best sporting experience.

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