Sprinting For The Body And Mind

sprinting makes me faster

A new study carried out by Nottingham Trent University suggests that not only does Sprint training help us increase our physical speed but also our mental speed. The study carried out replicated typical playground games by getting 12-year-olds to sprint for a 10 second period followed by a 50 second period of walking and repeated […]

Exercise And The Mind

exercise helps me learn

Previous research has shown that exercise can prevent memory loss, especially in later life where the hippocampus volume increased by 2% rather than declining by those doing 40 minute walks a day, 3 days a week. This research suggested regular exercise could help reduce the risk of developing dementia, but just how soon should exercise […]

Day In The Life – Holiday Camper!

a day in life of camper

WAKEY! WAKEY! It’s Monday morning, the sun is shining, you have packed your child’s backpack with a snack, water bottle, lunch, hat, sun cream, bug repellent and you are on your way to one of Sport4Kids holiday camps with your child, who may be feeling a mixture of nervous and anxious (this is often how parents […]

The Multisport Advantage

Playing more than one sport made me a better… Taking part in a multi-sports program can give an advantage in not only a sporting context by developing physical literacy such as throwing/catching, running and jumping just to name a few. But also develop and improve social skills, essential attributes to succeed in the 21st century. […]

Girl Sports On The Rise

girl sports on the rise

Christmas is a time for joy, inclusivity and coming together, and as we approach the festive season these traits have been demonstrated well in Hong Kong sport, as the Asian Football Confederation approaches its one year anniversary of working on a programme dedicated to empowering women through football in the region. Thanks to initiatives like […]

The Benefits Of Playing Tennis From A Young Age

Tennis is a worldwide sport and we have seen many sporting greats in recent times, most notably, Roger Federer. In order to get to this high level, children have to be extremely dedicated and committed to the sport and they would need great support from their family. Not everyone can reach these heights, however, by […]

Children who sleep better, behave better!!!

Parents – You Need To Read This!!! One of the biggest challenges I face as a parent is to balance my busy schedule. Having three kids and a full-time job means that we need to be very organized to coordinate everyone’s schedules. Unfortunately, one thing that often gets sacrificed, as a result, is sleep for […]