Active and Healthy Holidays: A Guide for Parents

With the school holidays approaching, many parents worry about keeping their children engaged, healthy, and away from screens. In today’s digital age, children are increasingly spending their free time watching TV, playing video games, or scrolling through social media. For mums and dads of kids aged 4 to 14, striking a balance between relaxation and […]

Unlock Summer Fun with ProActiv Gymnastics Camps

Summer camps hold a special place in the hearts of children, offering them a break from routine and a chance to explore, learn, and grow in a supportive and engaging environment. In this blog post, we’ll explore the significance of summer camps for kids’ growth and development, with a specific focus on gymnastics camps. From […]

Unlocking Potential: The Crucial Role of Fundamental Movement Skills in Child Development

In the fast-paced digital age, it’s easy to overlook the importance of fundamental movement skills in a child’s development. These basic skills lay the foundation for a lifetime of physical activity and overall well-being. As parents and educators, it’s our responsibility to ensure that children not only grow academically but also develop the essential physical […]

How Important are Fundamental Movement Skills

Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) are the basic movements traditionally associated with human physical activity. The most common FMS include skills such as walking, running, jumping, throwing, catching, skipping, and hopping.  Fundamental sports skills are the basic sports skills which are the foundations that are essential to becoming an elite athlete in all sports. They include […]

Top 3 Reasons Why Kids Love a Sport

top 3 reasons why kids love a sport

According to a study by Professor Amanda Visek of the Department of Exercise Science at George Washington University in 2014, “The No. 1 reason kids play sports is because it’s fun.” however by the age of 13, 70% of kids who venture into sports eventually lose interest. Most of us will think of fun as […]

Is your child at risk? The Consequences of Vitamin D Deficiency


According to the Journal of Nutrition by the University of Oxford in 2015, 70% of children in general populations are Vitamin D deficient. Vitamin D is a nutrient in which production depends mainly on sunlight exposure, Vitamin D levels in children are greatly affected by changes in lifestyle. Children today spend less time outdoors than […]

Is Your Child Moving Enough? Are you Assisting your Child Into a Life of Obesity?

Obesity is becoming a global issue. According to the World Health Organization, overweight children in South East Asia have risen by 150% in the last decade. An estimated 6.6 million young children under 5 years old are currently obese. (WHO, 2019) While not all overweight children go on to become overweight adults, obesity in adulthood […]

Steps to Follow to Help your Child Hit their Targets

Throwing is a core skill that is seen in many sports such as baseball, basketball, cricket, and countless others, hence, teaching kids how to throw is a crucial step in sports. Today’s blog will be focused on Overarm Throwing. It is a skill that can be used across a wide range of sports and games […]

Cute or Uncoordinated? Does your Child’s Clumsiness Mean Something?

Every kid has their own way of being quirky, awkward or uncoordinated. While this might seem cute to most parents, there are some signs that you should never disregard. Here are 3 signs to know if your clumsy child may actually need help. 1. Difficulty in Developing Gross Motor Skills Starting from infancy, there are […]

Is your Child not Hydrated Enough? Smart Ideas to Drink More Water Daily

Tips to get your Child to Drink More Water! It can be difficult to get your children to drink water, however, drinking water is important, even more so if they are active. Our bodies lose water through sweating, digestion, and even breathing. Here are a few ways you can follow to get your kids to […]