Kids Driving You Crazy? Activities to do during the Summer

Here’s 8 Ideas you can do in Singapore during the Summer to Entertain your Kids 1. BE BOARD! Monopoly has most probably caused more arguments than it’s solved, however, it is a great early introduction to teaching the children the value of property & rent. Who knows – it could even be an excellent gateway […]

7 Reasons Why You and Your Kids Should Play Sports on Sand

There’s plenty of discussion about being beach-ready for summer, and what better way to get ready, than on the beach itself? Sand-based sport or training is not a new concept but it is increasingly being used across a number of sports due to a host of benefits that it brings. It’s FUN! Let’s face it, […]

Get Moving: Is your Child Getting Enough Physical Activity?

As a parent I know first-hand how active young children can be, with limitless energy and inquisitive minds the day is usually full of spontaneous physical activity. In my clinical practice, I have observed many children becoming more sedentary as they get older, usually due to the competing interests of screens and study. As a […]